Electric Callus Remover- from CallusFIt


This CallusFIt callus remover comes in two colors (pink, blue) to choose from and is packed in a hard transparent plastic box which I did not like but the callus remover does work well.

Callus removers are best friends with my feet. They are easy on my feet to gently scrub off dry skin patches and callouses on heels and toes.

This remover uses 4 AA batteries. The sanding roller seems like it will last long and is easy to use. Initially you will be hesitant to use but once you get used to it you will love it.

This electric callus remover has a motor that is strong enough. It has no sharp blades, so it is safe to use. The roller’s surface has micro-abrasive particles that gently remove lifeless skin and leave your feet with a smooth feel.

It is small and compact and can be easily carried in your bag. One more thing I noticed, is that the roller is more coarser than the ones I have. And the shape makes it easy to hold.


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