Comenzar Flameless Candles – Battery Operated Candles with Remote Timer


These candles are dark red in color and look very realistic like real wax. They come in different sizes, so you can place them as decor in different areas around your house. Personally I think they look awesome as center pieces.

There is one remote to control all 5 candles. The remote has 10 buttons for on, off, dim and to set the time cycle every 24 hours.
The timing feature starts when you switch the candle on and leave it on for at least 5 hours then it turns on and turns off  the next day according to the time you switched it on the previous day.

Each candle works on AAA batteries. I have used such candles before and the batteries lasted me for months. These flame less candles are great if you have children and pets who are allergic to smoke.

I keep these on at night and they are quite bright, which is nice. The lights of the candles have a yellow flickering light. When you dim them the flickering slows down with it. The glow is bright enough to light up a whole room. They have a soft flicker appearance.

I have read that these candles have a nice scent but I found the scent is hardly noticeable, maybe you’ll get the smell if you are standing close by. I didn’t get any.

Honestly at first, I thought remote candles were a weird idea. After I started using them last year, I realized they are a wonderful not just for holiday decoration but throughout the year.

The remote is my favorite part as I turn out the candles from my sofa. No soot, no mess, no worries! Just soothing ambiance. It has many options to dim and increase the flame light.

Nice having them all year round. These are by far the best flame less candles I have bought. The remote makes it so much easier for those high to reach places. This really was a great buy. I can’t say enough of how pretty and realistic they look.


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