Evino Shatterproof Wine Glasses


I had been looking for nice, lightweight wine glasses for our camping trips. When you go camping, it is nice to serve good wine in nice glasses and also not worry about breakage. These are shatterproof and weigh almost nothing, but are lovely!

At first I was skeptical about using plastic wine glasses but after I used them, I have not used anything but these for a glass of wine!

These are not like the fine crystal glasses that you would use for a dinner party but are perfect for BBQs, picnics, or for the pool where you do not want real glass.

Doesn’t matter if I’m inside the house or outside, I use these wine glasses; poolside, patio and even the hot tub. They are unbreakable though and they float. Besides wine, I use them to drink other liquids such as soft drinks, tea etc.

They are easier to hold than any other wine glass, and clean up perfectly with hand washing. I would suggest not to use them in the dishwasher. If you hand-wash them, you’ll extend their lives a lot.

The shape, size and clarity gives the appearance of  real wine glasses.

I used them at an outdoor party at weekend and everyone thought they were glass. People don’t realize they are plastic till they pick them up.


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