Midori Spring ECO Class Culinary Grade Matcha (100g)- by Life & Food

Now I am so used to drinking Matcha that I can’t do without it.
Matcha green tea can be made like any other green tea. Normally people pour boiling water over it to brew it, but I let the water sit and cool for a few minutes before I pour it, that gives it a better flavor and improves the taste of Matcha green tea, which should have a slightly sweet flavor. Once you pour the water, whisk the powder into the water until the powder is fully dissolved and the texture is almost like a milkshake. It does have a natural earthy taste though.

This Midori spring Matcha strikes a good balance, not too bitter, or not too creamy. I typically make it with coconut milk and Vanilla.
Because this Matcha is more flavorful, I found myself having to use less of it than the other Matchas. It’s a nice bright green color and  very smooth. I plan on using it to make ice cream and other baked goods. It’s a little pricey but I think it’s worth it!

With the other Matcha I had to put sweetener in it to handle the slight bitterness but this one is so smooth it requires nothing if you prefer to have it without sugar. As for me I add a little unsweetened coconut milk and a touch of sweet vanilla to make it a desert drink.


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