Pancake Cupcake Waffle Muffin Batter Pen – Squeeze Bottle


I was very impressed with how a simple plastic bottle could work so well.
This smokeyjazz squeeze bottle is made of plastic and useful while making pancakes and waffles.

After I got this I decided to purchase another one so I could use a different kind of batter in each one. It is easy to use, clean and even store in fridge if needed for a few days to re-use any left over batter.

I just opened the cap, filled with the ingredients, closed, shook and mixed the batter and squeezed the batter into pan with absolute precision!  I thought that as soon as I turned it upside-down to refill, it would leak. Well, that didn’t happen, this does not leak, it is easy to hold and direct

Bottom comes off so adds for easy cleaning. Makes making waffles and pancakes so much simpler and neater.
I was always skeptical of how well the pancake pen would work. There is nothing fancy about it when you see it, just a simple plastic bottle but it does a good and easy job.  It is a little bigger than I expected.

I don’t think I will ever make pancakes again without it.

If you are making a lot of yummy deserts, and will be filling it a lot. I find this item worth the extra effort to use in that case.

I am sure it can be used for numerous other things.This pen is making me more creative and I am thinking of what other recipes I can use this with.


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