Soap Club Sandalwood Soother Handmade Soap- by Flatworld Network


First off the sandalwood fragrance is heavenly. I expected the aroma of  Sandalwood to engulf the whole room as soon as as I opened the pack, but that didn’t happen maybe because there is also coconut oil and Shea butter added to this soap.

It took me away to memory lane though… It reminded of my childhood days when my mom used to rub sandalwood stick and rosewater on a grinding stone and apply the paste on her face. Her skin is still beautiful in-spite of her aging so much as of today.

As for this soap from Soap Club, it is a bit exfoliating, but not too harsh for my skin. It’s not drying, nor does it contain too much moisturizer. Overall t is pretty good.

It rinses off with no residue, and my face feels clean. And the smell is so perfect and calming.

As I mentioned earlier I got the’ Sandalwood Soother’ soap but there are around 13 varieties to select from. I took a good 5 minutes to decided which one to get, as I couldn’t make up my mind. They all seem so good!

Handmade soaps are fully organic soaps, have great scents and clean up nicely without the harshness.

Some of the oils used in this soap like extra virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil, Soybean oil, Hemp oil, and Organic Shea butter moisturizes the skin well and keeps it soft and smooth.

This is one of the perfect, handmade gift to give friends and family for any holiday season.


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