Travel Duffel Bag by: Jordan-Shore

When I buy duffel bags, the first thing I look for is how much space it has to fit all my stuff, if it is water proof, and if the handles and straps are well-stitched and can handle the weight. This Jordan-Shore bag passes all the tests.

Duffel bags are better than suitcases for traveling. This Jordan shore bag has proper lockable zips, appears to be weatherproof, and looks like it has space to fit a lot of things.

Normally people prefer duffel bags with wheels, but the big advantages of more traditional duffels like this one is the weight. They weigh less, so they are easy for transporting on non-smooth surfaces. This bag has easily removable straps, nice small pockets, and compartments which make it easy to stay organized, as well as make it easier to search for items.

It is easy to pack and search for stuff inside because of the bags long, large center opening. The comfortable shoulder straps are something that I will appreciate when I carry this bag loaded for a long time.

It is made of nice material and big overlap stitching. If you are someone who is regularly battling with the 50-pound weight restriction of the airlines, then this bag could give you a few more pounds to get by.

Most times when I travel, I carry one big suitcase and one small duffel bag with all of the things that I need before I get to my destination.
This bag is going with me on my next trip


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