Amplifier – Hearing Device Amplifiers – No White Noise- by Digital Discovery

This is a pretty good product that is equal to some of the nice hearing aids on the market. High and low frequency modes help eliminate the background sounds which many complain about in other hearing amplifiers.

It works on a single battery which comes along with the pack. And you can use it on your right or left ear. It is very light and tiny so fits perfectly inside your ear. Also not so noticeable.

The bottom line is, there’s no hearing aid that fits everyone equally. So if your aid does not fit you correctly, you’ll need to return it. This company comes with a warranty.

This one is ideal for not just the hearing impaired but hunters, and sports enthusiasts too.

The ear buds are made of a comfortable plastic material. They also fit the ear nicely, are small and discreet, which is very helpful. Besides they are light too.

The packaging and storage case is nice enough to gift.

The on/off switch is easy to manipulate, which is something many people seek in their hearing aids.


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