Careful Gardener Pruning Saw/ Folding Saw- by: Simplistics

This is the handiest pruning tool I have ever used
I’m very pleased with this handy, efficient folding tool that is small enough to fit in my pocket. It is compact, powerful, quick and sharp.

I like the rubber comfort grip the saw has, but would prefer the locking latch to be a little more operative as the blade does not fall back in place smoothly.

If you do at least a little of cutting during a normal day or week, it is definitely worth buying a high quality saw and this seems to be one of them.

Size makes it easy to carry when doing quick garden clean-up. While using this I found that I did not need shoulder strength to cut branches.

I have used it, to cut down small trees quickly. It is lightweight too but despite its light weight, it cuts like a much larger saw. I got it stuck couple of times on branches while it was fully extended but I was able to wiggle it out and retrieve it.

The bright yellow handle makes it easy to spot anywhere if I put it down.

Since the day I got this, I am consistently enjoying the quality and effectiveness on this hand saw. It is currently my favorite. Good product for the money


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