Butane Torch

I always find it fun to use the kitchen torch. I make deserts often and find excuses to use it.
This is a solid product, producing a very consistent and hot flame. It never fails to light every time; it ignites the first time almost every time I use it. The torch has a great flame control, and looks good and the flame adjustment is precise.

It is easy to use and easy to store too. There is no after cleaning hassles with it.

The torch refills like a lighter. The torch does not come with the gas for safety reasons. You can buy a can of compressed butane and refill into the base of the handle. You can get the butane can online or at drug or convenience stores, normally where lighters are sold. They are usually tall, thin cans, and have enough butane to recharge your torch dozens of times.

This torch has one downside though the switches are somewhat loose, do not move accurately, and have a plasticy feeling, but this doesn’t really affect the torch’s functionality.

This torch is perfect for caramelizing sugar on creme brulee, caramel custard or for toasting marshmallows on s’mores pie.


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