Kohree Fairy String Lights Copper Wire Lights

This is the second time I have bought lights like these. The first was for shorter lengths. I recommend them because they are so easy to work with and give just the right amount of soft light. There are so many places you can use them; mantel, vase, wreath, plants,etc.
They make everything special. During holiday season I had placed similar fairy lights in a lantern by the front door and some in a Christmas bowl with ornaments as a center piece and it looked amazing!

For some reason, maybe because of the surrounding, I see the lights a little purplish from one angle and kind-of warm white from the other angle.
They look very nice. whoever comes to my house loves it and ask if I made them myself! So they are actually worth the buy! I am going to make a firefly lamp with these next

This Fairy string lights comes with a compact battery box with On, Off, timer  feature. They do not come with the required 2 C batteries.

Downside is that these lights don’t last very long but I do enjoy them while they do. Besides they are not that expensive.


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