Hot / Cold Therapy KNEE Wrap

This is very helpful during those days when you have your knee joints hurting.
The size and design is perfect for my use. The design of the interior pocket allows for a comfortable and close fit over the knee and leg. This wrap is large enough and does not slide off.
You can freeze the gel for a cold  wrap and velcro it on to stay in place and you can microwave or put in boling water for a hot wrap. I always use the hot wraps because cold somehow does not work for me!
It stays cold or warm for about 20 to 30 minutes. Actually cold gel stays colder for a longer time
The hot or cold gel are very effective at allowing you to place heat or cold right where you need it and the wraps have velcro to hold the gel in the pouch inside, and velcro on the outside to keep the wrap in place.
I also use just the plain wrap without the gel on cold days to keep my knee warm or at the end of the day when my legs are a little tired.

I  would  recommend these hot/cold wraps to people suffering from arthritis pain in the knees. They make life so much easier without having to take extra pain medication. The wrap is made of flexible soft material and adjust to the knee comfortably.

I would advise buying two if you want to alternate between hot and cold wraps.

It cost a little, but it is an investment in your total recuperation! The warming effect provided by these wraps is the best pain relief, especially at night.


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