Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil for Hair, Face & Skin

argan oil

I bought this oil because I have heard only good things about Argan Oil. I use it for my hair and skin. I LIKE IT!

My hair and skin both used to be dry, especially my hair. Now my hair has the shine that I had a couple of years ago, including less frizzy hair! I am so happy I started using it.

It’s like extra goodness for skin and hair because it has more benefits than normal oils like olive or coconut, but it’s not as thick or oily so it’s easier to use and gets absorbed better. The only way you can have bad experiences with Argan oil is if you buy a really cheap one that does not have much of Argan oil in it or if your hair is naturally oily. Generally Argan oil acts as a heat protector too.


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