I had heard so much about Matcha a very long time ago and had many chances to try it but I don’t know why I waited this long to give it a try.

The difference between Matcha green tea and the green tea leaves or bags is that instead of using a tea bag or tea leaves, the entire tea leaf powder is added to hot or cold water so you can consume all of the tea powder

Yesterday morning I went for my usual jog at the park, when I got home I took a glass poured in coconut milk with sweetened Vanilla and added matcha to it, gave it a nice whisk till all the powder was dissolved and tasted it. The first thing I noticed was it tasted like sea-weeds. Not a bad thing for me because I snack on sea weeds often. But the feeling I got after drinking all of  it was amazing.
I had this feeling of wellness and felt the energy in my body. It lasted the whole day. I get a natural energy boost on drinking Matcha .

I even bought glass tea cups so I can enjoy the bright and beautiful green color of matcha tea and not hide it behind my regular coffee cup.

I have used it in my smoothie today and the taste was mild and delicious.

Since I have started drinking Matcha I have had absolutely no craving for junk food and no desire to drink coffee.
Matcha has some caffeine in it, but it doesn’t affect me. It gives me energy and then dissipates.

Matcha green tea is more powerful then tea bags because of the incredible antioxidant concentration.

Lets see how I feel after drinking this for a month, but as of now I am enjoying this drink.


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