Swissvita Eye Lift Cream with AC-11

The eye area is generally the first place that aging may show. I am always on the look out for products which work for my skin, to help firm and tighten the appearance, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hydrate the skin, and help maintain elastin and collagen.

This  Swissvita eye lift cream comes in a pretty small tube, just 0.5 oz but it is definitely going into my daily routine. After using this gel I have noticed slight more tightening of the skin and glowing skin around my eyes. It goes on smoothly, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin.

It goes on like a cool serum and is absorbed in the skin immediately. Above all it does work. I can see my dark circles diminishing!
I don’t have puffiness under my eyes so I can’t really say if it reduces that.

The cream is water based and non greasy so can be applied liberally around the eyes.

I use this twice a day, once after cleaning, toning and before moisturizer in the morning, and once after cleaning and toning before bed.


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