US Art Supply® Artist Wood Pastel, Pen, Marker Storage Box with Drawer

This box could do with a clear finish that has a nice level of gloss.
When I received this box my first reaction was that it seems nice, big and sturdy. Then I examined it closer and there were some flaws, like the wood doesn’t have a good finish and it has cracks, damaged wood in some places which could have been diminished with proper sand papering and polishing.
This box is made of beech wood, has brass hinges, latches, and a leather handle with lots of storage space. It has eight separate, removable storage dividers for organization.

But like I mentioned previously the finish however is poor and is very rough to touch. I have decided to paint it and with this it will look a lot better. It is a little pricey for a no finish, no polish box. It does have good capacity though and is a solid product.

What could have made this a classic wooden storage box and worth the price, would have been a clear polyurethane finish which would give the wood a nice classy look and a protected coat.
However the fact remains that this unit comes bare wood, so if you want to, you could stain it, or paint it, which could add to the fun if you have bought it for the kids.

I liked the simplicity of this box. Over all even with the flaws it does look lovely and is beautifully tactile.

Would recommend to anyone needing a storage box of this type.


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