1byone 2.8L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser

This Aroma diffuser is huge and so beautiful! It is not only attractive with its seven changing colors, but it is very functional too. It changes colors like a chameleon, so enjoyable to watch.

The mist is very visible and and cleans the air in the room pretty quickly. You can adjust the mist with the high and low controls. It also gives a good night’s sleep. At the humidifier base is a small sponge which you can take out and fill your essential oil or water. It spreads the smell while humidifying the air, and your room fills with heavenly fragrance. During night time you can turn the diffuser’s light off, while sleeping. I highly recommended it for people with breathing problems.
One fill of the water lasts for a whole day and it actually spreads the mist in a wide range. It shuts off by itself when it gets empty. It is very simple to use. Just plug it in, pour the liquids, and turn the switch on. It is also easy to clean, just wipe with a cloth.

When I turned it on, I had to look for the mist because it was so quiet. It has a very quiet operating system and fills my entire living room and dining area with enough moisture and fragrance to keep my skin from drying out and to keep my breathing healthy.


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