Leader Accessories Non-Slip Waterproof Seat Cover for Pets Grey

First let me start by saying the smell of the seat cover was awful, smelled like plastic and I had to air it for hours to get it out. If not for that it deserves a five star. After the company has brought down the price drastically, it is more than worth it, at that cost.

I am simply amazed at the quality of materials and workmanship for this product. Seat covers are quality fit and material is good. They are stiff initially, makes sense because this is very robust material and has three layers, the middle layer is waterproof PE material and the lower is a plastic layer which makes it water proof. It fits tightly and look very good, and they are about as close to the exact color of my seats. The cover has a zipper to flip one side up or both sides and has the straps to hang on the headrest on the seat in front of it. There are additional velcro pieces sewn underneath the cover’s edges.

Overall happy with the product. It does the work it is supposed to do! The best part of it all is that they are machine washable.


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