R’stoyours K Cup Reusable and Refillable Coffee Filter


I am big coffee drinker. I drink coffee throughout the day
I prefer the reusable K cups because it keeps the cost of using my Keurig down. I keep a can of my favorite coffee and I use these reusable K- cups and it works great.

This deal comes with 5 reusable and refillable K-cups and 100 paper filters. The K cups have  micro mesh stainless steel filter, which minimizes sediment in the coffee. The top lid has a silicone O-ring that works to keep the lid tightly closed as well as to keep the coffee grounds from escaping. Before using these cup for the first time you can wash it in soapy water and rinse well.

The plus of using these filters is that I can buy any coffee and fill it. It works exactly like the Keurig pods that you buy.

I use this for everyday coffee and save the fancy stuff in the pods for weekends. K-cups are expensive compared to a bag of coffee, so if you want to save, get these.


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