T-Spray Cosmetic Teeth & Oral Spray For Fresh Breath And Moisturized Mouth

This comes in three flavors. I selected the cranberry flavor and the taste is wonderful. I sprayed it on the inside and outside of my teeth and it gave a nice freshness feeling, just like a mouth spray, ran my tongue over my teeth to spread the liquid as suggested and it worked well and lasted long
I have to say it really does the job. Very happy with it. It is a small handy size spray bottle and is perfect to carry around in any size handbag. It has a good seal and does not leak in your bag. It is refreshing especially at work after meals and when out and about but if you want it to work better, the best time to spray would be after brushing at night before going to sleep. When used like this it is believed to whiten teeth and help the gums.
I use it to fight bad breath after I have my coffee or lunch. This is the first mouth spray that I don’t find too strong as to numb the mouth after using it. It has a pleasant after taste.
I’ll definitely get another one after I run out of this one.


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