Deluxe Watercolor 36 Color Pencil Set with Roll-Up Canvas Pencil Wrap

This will make a wonderful gift set for children or anyone who loves to draw.
I really like drawing portraits, and life-like stuff. Before I bought these watercolor pencils, I wasn’t looking for the ones which had lots of colors or the cheapest. I was looking in for the ones in which I can smudge and create lots of shadows, preferable ones which don’t leave lots of marks on my sketching paper.
These pencils are good. The dark’s are dark, the light’s are light, and they smudge very smoothly.

The colors are rich and can be easily layered and blended. The lead is smooth and easy to work with. I find these color pencils handy to have around they make for interesting effects and lay down color well. They are especially good when combined with other mediums, and I’m pretty sure that kids will love them as well. I wish they were available in even more colors, but the 36 pack is a pretty good range of colors.

The pencils come with a roll-up canvas pencil wrap. Overall they are amazing and a great buy.


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