Non-Slip Bath and Shower Mat

This mat is not only beautiful it is functional.
This Gorilla grip mat provides an anti-slip surface that makes bath time safer for everyone in the house.  It has non-slip nubs on the back and leaves no residual wetness to collect mold. It came with no odor and nicely packed.
This is a good product to prevent anyone from slipping in the shower. This one mat has 324 Grip suction cups.

It fits and looks great in my shower. It’s also great for standard shower or bath tubs. The mat is quiet long and made of vinyl material which is really soft to the touch. If you want to size it to fit into a particular place, you can cut it.

It is transparent and when you place it in your tub, it is not obvious it is there, and it merges with the bathroom surrounding.
My only concern is that hopefully it will not discolor in a few months. However, cost is low enough and replacement is easy.
Another great thing about this mat is that it is machine washable.
I liked this mat so much that I am going to get another one, for something to step on after my shower. It will sit on tile floor outside the shower for use.


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