Shvigel Vintage Long Wallet – Handmade

It is made with genuine cattle hide leather.
This is a nice long handmade vintage wallet, it has plenty of space for cards, ID’s and cash. It has like 14 slots, 7 slots on each side and two big compartments on each side to keep bills, papers and checks.
The leather is thick and of good quality and like I mentioned has plenty of compartments for all my needs.
It comes in a nice soft fabric material cover with a nice solid leather logo on the it, so you can gift it if you want too.

I found the pockets tight for cards at first but the leather stretches and loosens up eventually.
It’s beautifully made and sturdy. Sure to endure years of use. It is also reasonably priced for something so nice.

I bought this for myself as sometimes when I go on small errands like going to the bank I don’t like to carry my handbag with me. I have a couple of long wallets similar to these but they are a little bigger in size than this one and softer. The leather of this one is harder than the ones I have though. It depends on which cattle hide is used to make it.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good, long and stylish but casual at the same time wallet.


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