Frankincense oil


Frankincense is one of the most versatile oils to use for so many different reasons.
Frankincense is used in Church and other religious services so some of you may recognize the name from that
This is my first time using Frankincense oil. I am regular essential oil user but I use oils like lavender, bergamout, eucalyptus, Jasmine, peppermint, tree oil and many others.
I heard that this oil is good for skin, so I tried adding a couple of drops in my serum and am already seeing major improvement in my skin. Fine lines have smoothed out, skin is tighter, pores less noticeable. very good results with improving the lines on the forehead and laugh lines.
The fragrance lasts and I can smell it ever so slightly even 2 to 3 hours after makeup application. It is a potent essential oil, so it should be applied with moisturizer or carrier oil to the skin, not on its own.

I also noticed that within 1 week of using this, I got rid of the blackhead I had been trying to get rid of for years. My cuticles get kinda dry as I wash my hands many times a day. I applied Frankincense oil on them and massaged them for a few days and the results are pleasing.
Another routine I took up with this oil is by mixing Frankincense in coconut oil and applying on my legs after my shower. Leaves my skin baby soft every time.
Personally I dislike the smell and the scent may be off-putting to some as well. Since this is a pure essential oil, the fragrance is very strong. It is a woodsy, incense-like smell.


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