Garden Hose Full Set of Quick Connector Starter Kit

These connectors are very easy to attach to the hose and implements
These are some really handy parts. I recently misplaced my tap connector and was reluctant to buy a new garden hose because of it. Luckily I saw these parts and bought them.
This kit contains everything you need required for a hose, advanced Plastic Nozzle, Hose Splitter, Water Adapter . All this come with shut off valve and with Spinning coupling ring hose nozzle;  20 rubber O-rings and flat washers.
My water faucet is inside the house. So, as you can imagine, the prospect of running back and forth to change watering heads, or turn the water on and off each time can be tedious.

These parts are useful and fabulous. They were easy to put on and appeared to do exactly what they should.  I’ve used quick release hose couplings around our home, and this set surprised me, leaks so far have been rare and momentary. The connectors seem well made, despite being made of plastic and relatively light in weight. Too early to determine long term durability, but they seem good so far. I hope that they don’t wear and begin to leak because I like the convenience of quick connect.
Good purchase if you’re ordering this.


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