Ohuhu Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp Realistic Aurora Star Borealis Projector

This looks so beautiful at night. Gives just the right amount of soft lights to my room also adds some nice punch to inside decor.
It came with a AC adapter, Audio cable and an USB cord, small size but that easily fits on a bedside table or counter top.
From all the combinations of colors I like the White one the best. The white and clear color combination makes it match any room decor. It also auto shuts off if no use has been detected for an hour. It has three functional buttons, Middle one is for on/off and for changing color. You can choose your desired light coloring by pushing the power button repeatedly and stop at the one you like best from the 8 light projection modes. The two buttons next to it have a plus (+) and a minus (-) button on the light, these are for adjusting the volume of the Built-in speaker when you are listening to music. You can plug in an iPod, iPhone, MP3 or other device and play lullaby music, relaxing, meditation music.

The dome is removable and if the dome is removed the lights are much more brighter, clear and defined. I like it with the dome on though. With the dome on, it can be used as a soothing night light. It has a lovely relaxing and calming effect. You can tilt it to a 45° Rotation angle which is great as you don’t need to have it in the center of the room to project evenly onto the ceiling. It can be placed on any side table and rotated to center it onto the middle of the ceiling, creating a different combination of patterns.
Overall I love it!


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