VARA Kinesiology Tape

After I started using Kinesiology tapes for back pain, I haven’t used anything else.
I found this Vara kinesiology tape affordable and effective. I’ve tried other strips like Solanpas, Aleve before this!!
Kinesiology tape is made up of cotton fibers with polymer elastic strands woven throughout. Usually traditional athletic tape restricts blood flow and movement but kinesiology tape is pliable and allows free movement. Once you apply you don’t even feel it there.
It does give me relief from acute and chronic pain. Since I run 10 miles or more daily I do tend to get muscle spasm at times, this tape gave me instant relief.
Surprisingly this tape has no smell or does not give a hot or cold patch feel.  it just like a second skin and you won’t even remember it is there.
Mine did not peel off even after a shower. It does start peeling out after three days of use and shower.


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