Anti-lost Tracking,TWOBIU Bluetooth Smart Tag Nut 2 Bluetooth

It was very easy to set up and synchronize with my smartphone.
This tracking device is a slim, ultra-thin and can be easily placed inside your wallet, purse, or attached to any of your valuable items. You can use this to locate your belongings by ringing your device, finding them with the distance Indicator, or via GPS.
In the demonstration video it shows that when you are moving away from the tracker the phone rings to warn you that is the “anti-lost” mode. There is another mode “Find -it” when you misplace your stuff you can press beep and it will ring and locate with this.
This is an awesome little device for keeping up with your valuables or easily lost items. It is perfect to avoid misplacing my keys for which purpose I bought this in the first place. I can find my keys easily if I forget the place where I had kept them last. Over all a nice gadget. It can be used in many other ways too like you can put it on your child or pet, and when they are out of range you’ll get an alarm on your phone. But if they are out of range and you have no idea which direction to look for them, then you can press the search button to create sound. The app will record where it is and show you the location on the built-in map too.
It also has the ” silent region” where you will not get any notification sound from your phone or tracker. Also you can set the time for how long you want it to be silent.
Over all I am liking this device so far.


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