Green Gobbler drain opener

Over all a good and environment friendly cleaner which will not mess your pipes up.
I used this on my bathroom sink which was clogged. My bathroom sink seems to clog up easily especially when pieces of soap, gunk or hair gets caught in the pipes. I opened one of the packets and dumped it down drain, put in a little hot water so all of it was in the drain and not on the surface and waited for an hour and then ran the hot water but nothing happened. It was still clogged.
So I then poured another pack and waited over night for it to work and it did clear the clog by morning. I did not see backup water or any slowness to the water going down the drain after that.
How it works is, It breaks down and liquidizes on contact with any types of grease, hair, soap scum, or any kind of paper products blocking the pipeline without damaging the pipe or causing harm to the environment. If the blockage is strong it may take twice to get it cleared, like in my case.
This whole pack comes with 3 individual packets of drain cleaner, so you don’t have to worry about measuring it out and it comes with a hair grabber tool too. However the green hair grabber tool which came with it was of no much use to me. The tool has barbs that goes down any drain to pull up hair by the barbs that is on the edges of the tool but I was pulling nothing out with it.


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