Vacuum Seal Storage Bags for Clothes

These bags are going to be very useful corralling all of my household bedding and organizing the linen closet!
I always like to keep my things organized but sometimes it gets difficult as I have too many clothes, linen and bedding’s. Holiday stuff like blankets, sweaters, comforters, and linen need to be stored away during summer and to keep moths, under pests away, using this storage bags is the best way to do it.
I bought these jumbo bags because I needed big storage bags for storing a very large queen-size comforter, shams and blankets. This one was more than big enough, just as described, and was just perfect for my comforter.
I put my queen-sized, thick winter comforter, shams and sheet set for a queen-sized bed in one bag with lots of room to spare. I was able to put two full size blankets in another bag and still had room for more. So I guess one bag can holds pretty much everything that a bed needs.

The clear plastic allows you to see what things are stored inside without labels or opening the bag. The bags do not have zippers. They have  plastic clips to slide seal and which can be detached from the bags.
The stuff stored in the storage bags are totally encased, so there is less chance of dust affecting them and are water and bug proof.
They are also helpful when traveling. These bags are pretty big in size but I can’t say about the quality of the plastic as yet. Only time will tell.
As for now I bought a set of three and I am going to buy more soon.


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