Zulli iphone 6 wallet case

It has a nice looking exterior and the color is exactly what the photos show black with red thread stitching.

I change my phone cases very often. I like putting a new case every week. Most of the time my phone is in my hand at open view and my cases play a big part in how I am dressed or feeling that day.

This Zulli iphone 6 wallet case seemed to look really nice online so I went for it. It turned out to be exactly as the pictured shown, simple and light. The combination of red thread stitches over black PU leather looks really nice.

It is made from Faux leather with micro-fibre lining and has 3 slot pockets with enough room for a couple cards or cash. Inside it has a plastic phone holder like all the phone cases. I normally have my ID and debit card in it and have added a third card at times. I also keep a little cash.

The pockets are made out of a thin material but can still hold stuff easily. They are a little tight at first like all the phone cases but they will stretch and get lose with some use.

The case is held together with a snap-on magnet for closure and security. It clicks nicely in place without difficulty. The phone is very snug in the case and it is perfect fit. The top layer of the case is water proof, so if you accidentally place your phone on a spilled drink or a wet surface it is safe. It has a kickstand.
It came in nicely packed and with good protection. They also added a free screen protector and a cleaning cloth with the case.

All of the phone’s features and buttons are accessible and overall it looks like real leather.


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