Worlds First Inhalable Sleep Aid-200 Inhalations

Wow! I just received my device and I am so impressed by this Nutrovape. This came in a nice packaging with description and instruction. Actually it is very simple to use though. Just remove the silicone protective cap and inhale. I just did and am feeling relaxed. Can’t really say I am sleepy because I took only one deep puff as I just wanted to try it and not go to sleep. When I inhaled the device a green light turned on at the bottom of the device and I could see smoke or vapor coming out of my mouth and nose. I could not detect any smell from the vapor but definitely can taste something flowery in my mouth. The best part is it is made with Natural Melatonin, Passionflower, Chamomile. It is pretty small in size approximately 3 inches, so you can carry it with you anywhere you like. It has only 5mg of melatonin per device so I can’t really say how long it is going to last for me but I am going to use it only on days I can’t sleep and not daily. I think the longevity depends on how many times and how much you inhale.
Overall I am happy with the product and if it works well for me will be getting some more!


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