Afterglow Tinkerbell

This is a gorgeous piece of jewelry. It looked beautiful online but I didn’t know what to expect in reality so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. Love the color, design and wearability.
I was pleased at how beautiful it looks, very shiny and sparkling. Soft, gold color, not brassy cheap looking. Good weight to it so the chain hangs well with a pendant attached.
The necklace is so clever and versatile. The honey and emerald colors blend well together. It would make a wonderful gift for any jewelry lover.
Overall the necklace is well made and the crystals have the right amount of sparkle.  I can wear it on many different occasions, even to the office.
However I can not say about the durability. Also I don’t know what they mean by 18K gold filled because there is no element of white gold in it and also not possible in 10 bucks. The necklace is actually worth the price.


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