GoPro Action Accessories Kit for GroPro Hero 4-3-2-1 31-Piece Bundle Case with 8GB SD Memory Card

You can capture it all on camera while keeping your hands free!
This GoPro accessories kit come in a nice carry case. This kit has lots of different accessories of decent quality. It has many different attachments of which some will work with a standard camera bush as well.
All the accessories are well made and easy to use. I can have a nice ‘no hands’ shooting experience except for turning on and off of my GoPro camera. The GoPro mount set lets you easily attach the proprietary GoPro mount to a tripod, stand, selfie-stick or anything else which requires a standard tripod thread.
It helps to creates very cool perspective shots while cycling, hiking, climbing, running, motocross, or any other outdoor action sports.. Once you straddle it in, It is also rock solid with very little shaking. Clips allow you to easily attach your GoPro or even bigger cameras to surfaces such as the straps of a backpack or your wrist. A base unit clamps around strap or belt and an action camera mounted on an adapter plate can then be slid in and out of place as needed, with a quick release lock allowing you to secure or release it.
Overall this kit with 31 different GroPro accessories has rather handy devices which lets you use your GoPro attached to irregular shaped objects.
This kit comes with an 8GB SD Memory Card too.


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