Stainless steel water bottle

I bought this in white. It is powder-coated white from the outside and looks beautiful. As you can see in the pictures this bottle is made of stainless steel from inside too, it is a sign of a good quality bottle. If you have plastic inside your stainless steel bottle, you did not get a very good deal.

Stainless steel is the best metal for utensils and water bottles. It does not rust and lasts a lifetime.

Another plus point is that this bottle is an insulated bottle. You can fill it with not just plain water but hot tea or coffee during winter. It doesn’t leak or sweat!

This bottle is lighter than a glass bottle and most definitely more durable. Stainless steel bottles have no chemical like the plastic ones we use on daily basis. Also steel produces less bacteria than other bottles.

This bottle has a nice size 25 oz, and has a lid with a loop, which makes it easy to carry.


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