White Wine Glass Pair by Bella Vino

The bowl of the glasses really brings out the aroma and flavors of the wine.
I love the shape of these white wine glasses. Excellent craftsmanship, and they do enhance the wine enjoying experience. They’re light and make a beautiful ringing sound when tapped which is a good sign of quality glassware. Very well designed and I actually noticed a stronger aroma on the wines after switching to these new glasses.
They are a little taller than I thought, so instead of putting them in the dishwasher, I just hand wash them. Even though I don’t drink white wine too often I have purchased them for everyday use. I can use these glasses for any occasion from informal to formal. They have a perfect construction for Pinot noir, Cabernet, Chardonnay or whatever you would like to enjoy in it.

Like I mentioned before these glasses are beautifully light but with a deep bowl that almost aerates the wine itself. Feels as though you are holding something you’d only find at the most expensive avenue. I can’t say about the durability of these glasses though since I’ve only had them for a week and have been lucky enough not to knock one over yet!
I would recommend this set to anyone interested in a fine set of glasses at an affordable price.


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