Mop And Broom Holder Organizer -DOKO-IN

I just nailed this holder to the wall inside in my utility closet. It is very easy to install. It comes with screws which you have to use to fix the holder firmly to the wall, strong wooden door or closet.
This mop and broom holder has 5 grippers and 6 hooks that are foldable plus it comes with additional 2 single stainless steel holders. Each hanging ball slot can hold up to 7.5 pounds.

Works great in my closet to keep things up and off the ground, within reach. I positioned the mount on the wall so as to allow my wet traditional mop to drip dry into a bucket below. If you have several mops, brooms and dusters, you can position each properly on the wall so they don’t get tangled on top of one another.

The grips are strong and seem to be working well so far. It has a sturdy construction and is easy to use. We have a couple of these from different companies hanging in our utility room, they keep it neat and organized.

This one seems to be strong enough to hold a commercial mop, which is heavier than one used in a home. You know how the extra mops and brooms always fall all over the place, well they don’t anymore!  I think this is going to be my favorite mop and broom holder.

They even send you instructions as to how to install it:

Step 1 – Hold the holder up on the wall where you plan to hang it.
Step 2 – Take a level and place it up on the top of the holder and use a pencil to mark the holes after you have leveled the holder.
Step 3 – If you are using anchor bolts, drill holes into the dry wall and tap the plastic holder that will hold the bolts into the dry wall.
Step 4 – After you have tapped them in, line up the holder with the holes and insert the bolts, then using a Philips screwdriver turn them until they are tightly inserted.


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