Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover

nailpolish remover

I am loving how well this works without causing dryness or damage to my nails and cuticles
This natural nail polish remover is absolutely wonderful to my nails. It is so gentle and effective. Before I tried this I thought it was just another polish remover like any other polish remover. I have used drugstore name brands, store brands, acetone and various other nail polish removers before, both with and without acetone in them. But this is different. It removes even sparkle polishes better than any acetone polish remover if you let it soak on a cotton pad for a few seconds. It just takes the polish off like jelly and it doesn’t dry out my skin and nails. Another good thing is that It doesn’t smell harshly of chemicals like acetone does, and it doesn’t burn or dry out my skin.
I would highly suggest trying this if you are looking for an environmental friendly product.


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