ThorKey – Compact Brown Smart Key Organizer

This key organizer stabilizes, aligns, and organizes all my keys.
The best part of this key organizer is that any normal size keys will fit in it. It is made from genuine leather and easily accommodates up to 6 keys. I usually have quite a few key on my person and with the help of this organizer my keys were stored in a neat and compact manner.
There is one eyelets on either side and it come with two size bolts to keep the keys securely in place. If you do not have many keys you can use the smaller size bolt. If you have a whole bunch of keys you can use the bigger one.

It comes with an instruction video on a 8 GB USB in the shape of a key, where they tell you to start with one key on the lower eyelet, then a bolt, then a spacer, then key, spacer, and repeat this pattern for each key. If you do not want space between the keys you can forfeit the spacers. Depends on how much thickness you are comfortable with.
I would suggest that, after you assemble this key organizer with your keys not to tighten the screw too much as the keys won’t budge.
Since it is a leather loop key organizer you can hang it anywhere. The bolts that hold the keys appear to be made of durable stainless steel.
Over all this organizer has enough resistance to hold all the keys in place. Also it is so cool to have an USB on you whenever you need it.

Only downside is that it comes in a brown packet. A gift box would be nice!


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