CushionCare Large Gaming Mouse Pad and Gaming Mouse

This package came with a nice big mouse pad 12.6 X 10.6 X 0.2 inches and a gaming mouse. The gaming mouse comes with an attractive blue LED color.  It is a 4 LED 1600 DPI wired gaming mouse. It is pretty and comfortable with incredible customization options for comfort and performance. It works great on my Mac as well as my computer.

What can I say about the mouse pad, I was more than happy with the size and quality. It also stays in place on my desk as it has a non-skid back hold. It actually has stitched edges to prevent damage and deformation.

Before I bought this one, I had a smaller round one. But now that I have this, I absolutely love this material. It is comfortable and the pad is large enough to accommodate my whole hand. This is a pretty good mouse pad as far as a mouse pad can be.

I do a lot of work online and I’m at my computer almost every day. I often experience pain in my hand and wrist. The large mouse pad has stopped my wrist from resting on the hard table surface. It was more comfortable from the beginning and at some point the pain disappeared. This was an inexpensive and effective solution to my problem. It seems durable and is ideal for long hours of use.
I would recommend this mouse pad to anyone who is experiencing issues with their hands.


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