Elegant Vintage Look 925 Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Drop Earrings

I believe in the energy of gem stones
I wear a lot of jewelry with gem stones. And the best metal that goes with gem stones is silver. Honestly, I bought these earrings because of the onyx stones in it. Black onyx provides a supportive, strong and stable energy. It can help one persevere and keep the mind clear and calm. It can also help one stay focused on real priorities, as well as trust the inner voice. Wearing jewelry is one of the best ways to benefit from the energy of crystals and stones, and black onyx jewelry is no exception!

As for the overall earring they are simple with wired circular pattern and will go with any outfit casual or formal. The design and artistic work is alright but the stone is well placed. It has a hook with a smaller protection hook to keep your earrings from falling out. So you can even wear it during your morning work outs or jogs. The earrings are very sturdy and strong.

I have silver jewelry which is actually silver in color and with intricate work and designs. I keep them stored in airtight bags and containers. These silver earrings already have a oxidized look and is heavier and harder compared to the silver jewelry I have. However I am no expert on silver so can not comment on the authenticity.

Overall I love this earrings for everyday use. It is not too showy and doesn’t not bring in a lot of attention.


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