ActionFly LED Night Light With Sensor

LED lights are the best way to save energy. This night light turns on instantly, even when it’s cold.
The automatic sensing in which the light will activate when you get within 10 feet of it, and will shut down 15 seconds after you move out of its sensing range works very well, in fact all the mentioned features worked as stated.

The light comes with a small adhesive pad to stick the light to any surface. You require 3 AA batteries for it which do not come with the light. ActionFly LED light is not very bright so will be suitable for small areas only like bathrooms, basement, hallway, laundry Room, stairwells etc
The light is small in size and can be carried in a handbag. I use this light as a portable light source in my vehicles and for many other uses.

It emits a yellowish color light. I love the color and the light output.The glow is soft and welcoming.

There was one draw back, I initially  had problem with opening the battery clip to put in the batteries and put the clip back in place.


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