Hip Flask With Stainless Steel Shot Glasses

I bought this as a gift for my friend and he loved it. He was impressed with the quality and the design of the flask and couldn’t believe it’s price. The flask is slightly curved and it  comfortably fits in his pocket. It holds a generous 6oz of his favorite liquor. The overall look and feel of the item is good and appears to be of good quality though not the best.
The screw on top of the flask is metal too, unlike some flasks that have plastic caps. This flask’s craftsmanship makes it the perfect container for Bourbon, whiskey, rum, vodka, or any other of your favorite liquors. It is made of stainless steel but it is very light. Along with it comes two small shot glasses and funnel to stop any spills.

However what I didn’t like is that, the package came in clanking as all the pieces were out of its place and moving freely in the box. I was relieved to see that the flask was not damaged and did not have any scratches on it. So I let it pass.
Over all this nice little flask set with shot glasses makes an nice gift for under 10 bucks.


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