Tree New Bee® Laptop Cooling Pad

I am on my laptop and chrome book a lot during the weekends. I have a lot of applications like gaming and video rendering which causes my laptop to overheat after a few hours. I have always ignored this, even though I know that this overheating can cause to slow down the performance of my device and possibly cause permanent damage.

Laptops have all of the processing power crammed into such a small area and it’s not always the best for the hardware. This is where this laptop cooling pad is a big help. How the cooling pad work is it artificially increasing airflow to my laptop’s critical components. It has fans that push constant stream of cool air through my device, ensuring that it remains as cool as possible.

This cooler does more than just keep my device cool, it adds height and comfort to my device and has USB hub to make using laptop easy and convenient. It has legs to give height to your device.

The best part is it makes no sound at all so you don’t get distracted from what you are doing.
It is slim enough to fit in my laptop bag along with my laptop.

However in my opinion I feel that there can be some improvement to the cooler fans where power and efficiency is concerned.


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