Baby Digital Thermometer

digital thermometer

Gone are the days of glass mercury thermometers, this digital thermometers is fast, easy to use, and safer. If you’re still holding onto a glass mercury thermometer, the AAP advises getting rid of it.

As soon as I received this thermometer, I got curious as to see how accurate it really was. The process of using this thermometer is very easy. Simply place the thermometer in the mouth or under the arm. As soon as you do that you’ll hear a ready beep. It takes just a few second to get the reading on the screen and you will hear a second beep.

This thermometer is everything a basic digital thermometer should be. It returns results quickly, about 15 to 30 seconds and it’s fully waterproof so you can wash the whole thing if need be. The thermometer is accurate within  0.1F to 0.2F, and switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit when you press and hold its single button.

Though it gives an impression as a baby thermometer, it is designed to take the body temperature of children of all ages, including premature infants.

The screen is nice and large making it very easy to read, even in the dark.

The thin flexible thermometer sensor is extremely sensitive so you have to keep the sensors very clean to get accurate readings. No worries if you forget to turn it off as it auto shuts off after 10 minutes.
It’s also small and light, so easy to carry with you anywhere in your bag or purse.


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