FP Coffee Maker French Press Coffee Maker

This is a beautiful simple French press coffee maker and looks so much better than the pictures. It will definitely add show to any dinning or coffee table.
I started using french press coffee makers a year ago and now am so used to them that I can’t do without them.
I just put my coffee grounds in it and pour boiling water over it, wait a few minutes and stir slowly. I then press the grounds to the bottom with the filter piston and my coffee is ready to drink.

You have to keep experimenting till you find the right blend of coffee grounds and water to get your perfect cup of coffee.
Once you find the perfect balance between fresh coffee beans and water, you won’t want to use coffee machines again! It’s so simple and worth the few extra minutes!

It is also handy and power less so helps you to save by cutting your electric bill. The glass and stainless steel, makes it easy to clean and doesn’t retains residue. The stainless steel will last a life time.

However there are a few drawbacks, the glass is not very thick to handle too much heat. Also it says 8 cups but really makes about 3 large cups for me, which is the perfect amount for my morning cup and my to-go mug.

This type of coffee maker is not designed for stove top use, so coffee should be made just prior to serving.


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