Girl’s Seahorse 18K Rose Gold Plated Heart Pendant


I just can’t describe how beautiful the shell jewelry box is. So pretty. It is a very innovative velour box in the shape of a pink shell.
The necklace is made of 18″ cable link chain and pendant is made of two seahorses facing each other, with tails entwined which give the pendant a beautiful heart shape. The body of the seahorses have pink and white stones in them. The package comes with a post card that explains the symbolism of seahorses.
This necklace came exactly as expected and looks just as it does in the pictures or should I say it looks much better than the pictures.

Some rose golds are too pink or not rose enough, this is a perfect in between tone and the pink and white crystals that adorn the bodies of the seahorse don’t look too large or fake.

Overall the necklace looks very trendy and is big enough to be noticed but not too big to look tacky. The chain has many links that are adjustable on the end of the chain, so you can wear it long or wear it short.


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