Homedone Felt Pads Furniture Feet Floor Protectors Heavy Duty

Hardwood floors get easily scratched. We protect them with mats and rugs which is a good idea but we forget about the damage our heavy furniture can cause by scuffing and scratching from the legs of our furniture. We move our dining table chair daily not even realizing the damage until too late. With constant moving and scuffing the finish on the hardwood floor will wear off in time.

These felt pads furniture floor protectors are good for avoiding that. This pack comes with 100 assorted pieces for different kind of furniture.
These pads are all black,  peel and stick pad.
The peel and stick pads are the simplest and least expensive floor protection. The different size and shaped pads are typically made out of felt. Just peel off the paper backing and stick them to the bottom off the chair or table legs.

Since these are not expensive there is no need for maintenance of felt pads by cleaning the dust and debris, you can just replace them.
Downside I found this felt pads to be a little slippery. One has to get used to them.


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