Ohuhu Travel Umbrella, Auto Open and Close, Compact, Black

This is a nice small, and sturdy umbrella. Quality appears to be exceptional and product looks very durable.
It is fold able and compact. It also comes with a cover to store it in when not in use.
It is light and weighs less than 1lb and has a nice grip! I love the feel of the handle. The handle is definitely not plastic like most umbrellas.

The umbrella is tall enough, so my hair doesn’t get caught on the metal wires. It opens wide so covers not only my hair and face but also my shoulders, keeping that part of me dry.

This is my first umbrella that opens and closes automatically with one push button.
I plan to reuse it year-round. Some umbrellas can be worthless because once the wind flips them they won’t go back. Not this one. I flipped it on purpose to test it several times and each time I just reached up and popped it back down. Never once did it give me any trouble getting back into shape. And it didn’t affect the auto open/close feature.
It is very portable. It is 11½” long and easy to carry in your purses, backpack, briefcase or gym bag.


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