US Art Supply 12-piece Wood Carving Tool Set

As soon as I received this pack, I immediately opened it to feel the tools, and inspect the quality. I was pleasantly surprised. The handles are ergonomic and seem to be made of natural wood. The metal tips are pretty heavy grade.

These carving tools are perfect for basic and detailed carving on multiple surfaces for  beginners, students or artists and equally comfortable for use in hand work.

This 12 piece wood carving tool set is nicely made. The tools are not too thick or heavy. They  feel like I’m holding a pencil not metal. Wooden handles are durable enough for mallet use and comfortable enough for hand use with easy grip. That being said they are tough chisel. Out of the packet they were pretty sharp and I was playing around with them. Tips are hand-honed, polished, pre-sharpened and come in ready to use.

The different blade styles included are wide and narrow flat, rounded, concave, corner, straight and offset. The set does not have sufficient variety to fill all of your carving needs, but it does complete the category well enough for the first year or two, at least.

I wish they came in a case though. A good case would  keep the tools from banging around and damaging stuff.


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